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Quote from Maeby in The B. Team

Maeby: So, um, my first project is about my family.
Kitty: Oh!
Maeby: Yeah, which is why I thought you'd be a perfect assistant because you know where all the bodies are buried.
Kitty: And I even helped bury some of them.
Narrator: Maeby was only 17 at the time.
Maeby: Also, can you buy me booze?
Kitty: Totally. Whatever else, too.
Maeby: Great!
Kitty: 'Cause I can get you smack or hash or Special K...
Narrator: Unfortunately, when Maeby was shooting out of town on a picture, Kitty saw to it...
Kitty: [on the phone] She didn't even get releases from her family.
Narrator: ...that Maeby's was one of the bodies that was buried. And the project got thrown on the back burner.

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