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Quote from Tobias in Indian Takers

Man: Could I have the Bluth family over here, please? And over here, the victims of the Bluth family?
Narrator: And that's when Lindsay found a Iabel more fitting than "Bluth."
Tobias: No, Lindsay, you're going to the wrong area. Kenny, Chet, Curtis, Mike, Bix, and Gator are over here. We should be over here at the Bluth area with Gob and Buster and, uh... Uh... Your brother, uh... Michael?
Lindsay: Michael.
Tobias: Yes. Sorry. I was thinking of Mike, the hot seaman.
Lindsay: I've spent years trying to fit into this family, and it's not me. My life is a fallacy.
Tobias: Oh... [sings] Is that a gall see? No, it's just a phallus... see! We loved that. Where's that from?

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