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Quote from Lucille in Flight of the Phoenix

Narrator: [gravelly] It was May- [clears throat] It was May 4th, and in the bayside town of Newport Beach, the annual celebration known as Cinco de Cuatro was underway. The holiday started as a particularly vicious response by a young Lucille Bluth to the Mexican holiday...
Young Lucille: This still isn't made?
Narrator: ...of Cinco de Mayo.
Young George Sr.: No, no, it's not.
Young Lucille: Rosa, why is this still a mess?
Young George Sr.: She said it's Cinco de Mayo. She's taking the day off.
Young Lucille: She said that?
Young George Sr.: Yeah.
Young Lucille: She called it Cinco de Mayo?
Young George Sr.: She did, yeah.
Young Lucille: Oh, why can't they just call it May 5th? This is what I was talking about. It's all part of the Mexican war on May 5th.
Young George Sr.: War on May 5th, I know, yeah.
Young Lucille: It is.
Narrator: But even a skeptical George Sr. soon found himself feeling similarly embattled.
Young George Sr.: Where the [bleep] are my socks?

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