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Quote from Maeby in Spring Breakout

Narrator: Unbeknownst to Lindsay, Maeby was a fairly prominent member of the media, as she had secretly conned her way into a job as a film executive.
Mort Meyers: This Young Man on the Beach script sucks. She'd go to the guy just 'cause he said she's awesome? You call that dialogue?
Maeby: Hey, I didn't write it.
Mort Meyers: No, but you're gonna fix it. It's a spring break movie. Find out what they sound like.
Maeby: Oh, yeah, right. Do you really think I look college-aged?
Mort Meyers: I'm not drunk. But I'm willing to be. Hint.
Maeby: Oh, Mort, you're gonna be so easy to blackmail. Hint.

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