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Quote from George Michael in Burning Love

Narrator: Michael Bluth was working at home when his son made a curious request.
George Michael: Dad, would anyone miss this Peter and the Wolf read-along record?
Michael: No. Actually, I think that's part of the model home decorations. Why?
George Michael: You're right. My girlfriend Ann wants to have a Christian music bonfire here.
Michael: That sounds like some mild fun. I think we've got some Christmas music.
George Michael: Oh, no. It's not- It's not a "Christian music" bonfire. It's a Christian "music bonfire." You know, we burn all satanic music. The thing is, though, the only music I have is either instructional or humor.
Narrator: He'd been particularly fond of a CD of something called The Jerky Boys.
Michael: [answers phone] Hello.
George Michael: Hey, nitz. Hey, jerky. I wanna buy a house, Dad. It's gotta be big.
Michael: You- You said "Dad," buddy.
George Michael: Shut up, jerky.

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