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Quote from George Sr. in Burning Love

Narrator: Michael's father had just installed a hot tub in the attic.
Michael: What happened to you?
George Sr.: I tried to drink some of the water and it was too hot, and it tasted like soy sauce. I think the teriyaki chicken burst.
Michael: That's why people typically don't cook in these things or install them in attics.
George Sr.: You gotta get it out of here, Mikey. My eyes, they're burning.
Michael: Wanna thank you for charging it to my credit card. You made me look very foolish in front of Sally Sitwell.
George Sr.: Did you stick it to her?
Michael: No, I didn't. You screwed that up, just like you screwed up this hot tub. Is that veal Marsala stuck in the intake?
George Sr.: They all look so good on the boxes.

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