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Quote from Lucille in Family Leave

Narrator: And Lucille and her therapist arrive at their beachside casita.
Lucille: Look at them. Dancing on the beach like they own the place.
Tobias: Good. We'll use that. I want to laser in on that anger. Look out at the ocean. Tell me, what does it make you think? Like, "Everyone's having fun but me, running and laughing and...
Lucille: I feel like men run away from me.
Tobias: I'm stuck here doing therapy.
Lucille: I've been deserted. Is that my fault? Is it because of my anger? When I see a squirrelly, little fruitcake like that one skipping into the ocean, I think, "Why do I hate him so much?" That little bald one there with the fringed cut-offs who... - Oh, [bleep]. It's you.

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