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Quote from Michael in Storming the Castle

Michael: Stupid. Stupid chair. Very stupid chair. But it's also this stupid model home furniture. Maybe I oughta get myself one of those nice leather chairs from work.
George Michael: People can take chairs home from work?
Michael: Well, not everybody. But I'm the president of the Bluth Company since Dad's in jail. And it's okay if I take a little something from work, you know?
George Michael: Yeah, but isn't that why Grandpa's in jail, because he took things from work?
Michael: You're a good kid, you know that?
George Michael: I mean, a chair costs money, so it's like stealing, and you always say...
Michael: Not stealing. Not. Okay, I'm the one that taught you stealing is bad, all right? I'm just saying, you know, if I got a leather chair, okay? And I get to lean back... Oh, this one's gonna go. [chair breaks]

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