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Quote from Buster in Justice is Blind

Buster: Wow. I wonder what they're talking about in there?
Annyong: They don't tell you anything, huh?
Buster: They tell me things. It doesn't matter though, because Dad is gonna be in here a long time.
Annyong: No. We have court day today. They take plea. Daddy come home. You out.
Narrator: Annyong had hit a nerve, and Buster recalled that right before George Sr.'s arrest, he'd made a similar threat.
Lucille: I said he could wear that tie. It looks better on him.
George Sr.: No, no. Let me help you with that, son.
Buster: Oh.
George Sr.: Hey, enjoy yourself tonight, because you are out of here. I'm not gonna spend my retirement watching you wipe your nose on your sleeve.
Buster: I can't breathe, Dad.
George Sr.: Neither can I.

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