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Step Class

‘Step Class’

Season 1, Episode 9 -  Aired February 22, 2022

Janine tries to see the best in Ava when she decides to co-manage the after school step class that Janine started. Meanwhile, Gregory's colleagues are shocked by his eating habits.

Quote from Janine

Ava: You guys did amazing.
Children: Thank you!
Ava: Janine, you did okay.
Janine: Ava, you know what? You really stepped... up.
Ava: I can tell that you've been waiting to say that all week. Thanks, Janine. I appreciate you.
Janine: Oh.
[As Janine goes to hug Ava, she holds her hand out and pushes Janine back]


Quote from Barbara

Barbara: Janine, that performance was on point!
Janine: Oh.
Barbara: And they say UPenn students can't step.
Janine: Wait. Who says that?

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