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Quote from Melissa in Art Teacher

Janine: Oh, my goodness. Are these new?!
Melissa: You tell me.
Janine: Okay, um... No chocolate stains. No mildew. Look at this binding tension. Oh! How did you get these?
Melissa: I bought them.
Janine: With your own money? No favors?
Melissa: All me.
[aside to camera:]
Melissa: Oh, yeah, I've been doing this project for 15 years. It's the first thing I did that the kids really loved. Um... This one was from my first year. It's Styrofoam. I get they're bad for the environment, but you try floating pigs in a blanket across a hot tub on a paper plate.


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Quote from Gregory

Barbara: Jacob and I are starting a garden to grow some vegetables for the students.
Gregory: Oh, wow. That's really cool.
Jacob: We got an extra pair of gloves if you want in.
Gregory: No, thanks, I'm good. I mean, I appreciate it, though. Just the opposite of green thumbs over here.
[aside to camera:]
Gregory: In the '60s, my grandfather started a landscaping business, Eddie Lawn & Care. Then, in the '90s, my father took it over. Then, for the first 20 years of my life, I spent every single summer "vacation" planting, mowing, and raking. I cannot stand gardening.
Gregory: You don't want to over water that one. From what I've heard.

Quote from Gregory

Gregory: [aside to camera] Jacob and Barbara have no idea what they're doing. He was trying to plant a coconut in West Philadelphia in soil with a sub-6.3 pH. Bruh!

Quote from Gregory

Gregory: [aside to camera] Oh, they were absolutely killing everything. I don't think a single seed would have survived. I couldn't just sit there and watch that. It's like my dad always said. "A real man doesn't ignore the root of the problem. Now pick that hoe up!" I hate gardening so much.