Jacob Quote #9

Quote from Jacob in Pilot

Jacob: Janine, Janine, you're not gonna believe this. Rachel freakin' Maddow just retweeted me.
Janine: Wow!
Jacob: So I basically work for MSNBC.
[aside to camera:]
Jacob: I'm Jacob Hill. Uh, I like to say I teach history, but I live in the present.
[separately to camera:]
Janine: Jacob and I came in together last year with 20 other teachers. We're two of the three left. So trauma bonding, I guess?


 ‘Pilot’ Quotes

Quote from Melissa

Janine: Hey, it's not impossible to get things. Melissa asked for those new toy cash registers for her classroom and got them.
Melissa: Yeah, those aren't toys. I know a guy who worked a Walmart demolition. I got a guy for everything. I know a guy right now working the stadium build. Need rebar?
Janine: No.

Quote from Melissa

[aside to camera:]
Melissa: Uh... Melissa. Schemmenti. Second-grade teacher.
[in class room:]
Melissa: What's half of 100?
Children: 50.
Melissa: Also, $100, known as a C-note.
[aside to camera:]
Melissa: You Sicilian? Italian? You from South? Okay, you guys working with the cops? 'Cause you gotta tell me.

Quote from Barbara

Barbara: Janine. Turn that down, please! I'm trying to teach my kindergartners the letter "C," and they are distracted by this song. It's like "Back That Azz Up" for kids.
Janine: Hey, guys, um, could you sit down, please? [music continues] Guys, I'm gonna count to 3. 1... 2...
Barbara: And I am not counting. Sit down! [music stops]
[aside to camera:]
Barbara: I'm Barbara Howard, woman of God. I do my work, I go home. I get my nails done every week. And... I love teaching.