Mr. Johnson Quote #26

Quote from Mr. Johnson in Desking

Mr. Johnson: I can catch one of 'em. Haven't done this kind of fishing in a minute. Let's go.
Gregory: I didn't volunteer.
Mr. Johnson: A stakeout needs two people. Think, boy. Who's gonna watch all the crime stuff while the other one eats a hoagie?
Gregory: I...


 ‘Desking’ Quotes

Quote from Ava

Ava: Aw, man. Why am I not getting these videos? I've done everything I possibly can to make my phone think I'm 22. I haven't used capital letters in years.

Quote from Ava

Ava: Get all your desks to the gym until this whole thing blows over or there's some new trend that I don't hear about because life is a joke, people. Come on. Hurry up. Who knows when those kids'll start arriving.
Jacob: They get here at 7:30.
Ava: Every day? That's wild.

Quote from Barbara

Barbara: [enters] Sweet baby Jesus, and the grown one, too! My desks have been desked!
Mr. Johnson: They got you?
Barbara: Mm-hmm.
Gregory: Oh, this is bad.
Barbara: Mnh!
Melissa: Their fault. They went on a desking promotional tour.
Jacob: No, uh...
Barbara: What have you done?