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Season 1, Episode 1 - Aired December 7, 2021

Janine asks Ava to try find room in the budget for a new rug. Meanwhile, Gregory arrives as a substitute after a teacher is fired.

Quote from Janine

Ava: We are at a crossroads. This is a crisis.
Janine: No, a crisis is eating the cafeteria pizza for lunch.


Quote from Ava

Gregory: Uh, why are we here, exactly?
Ava: Well, chocolate drop, I learned that someone here doesn't respect me. But it's not about me, 'cause if you don't respect me, how can you respect this school? You can't. It's mathematically impossible.
Jacob: W-Whoa. Who doesn't respect you, Ava... I-I mean, the school?
Ava: It's not important. We're gonna make this a group matter as to not single any one person out. Let's try an exercise where we say whatever we want out loud to each other, no matter how critical. It'll be fun! Let's start with Janine. Janine?
Janine: Yes?
Ava: You're pushy, squeaky, and annoying.
Melissa: Excuse me?
Gregory: That's just...
Ava: No, it's not bad. No. We're sharing with the goal of making us all better. Constructive. Hershey Kiss, why don't you try? Start with Janine.
Gregory: I really don't want to.

Quote from Mr. Johnson

Melissa: Ava, no one's doing this to anyone.
Ava: Hold on. I came prepared for this. Sheena, come on in.
Janine: Ava, that is my student. She should be at lunch.
Girl: I am kind of hungry.
Ava: Sheena, remember what we talked about? What was the thing that you wish was different about Ms. Teagues?
Mr. Johnson: She got some big feet.

Quote from Ava

Janine: Okay. Everyone, [sighs] that's enough. I am the person who disrespected Ava. I e-mailed the superintendent to tell him that she spent the school's money on a sign. I'm sorry, Ava. And I'm sorry everyone missed lunch, especially you, Sheena. But I did it because I care about the kids in this school, and that shouldn't be a bad thing. I... [sighs] Okay. You know what? Actually, Sheena, you should have this. [offers Sheena the cafeteria pizza] I'm so sorry.
Girl: No, thank you.
Janine: Okay. [exits]
Ava: Not a compelling speaker. [laughs] Charisma vacuum, am I right?
Barbara: You know what, Ava? Janine is a lot of things... naive, a bit clingy, too cheerful.
Ava: Oh, this is good stuff. Let me call her back in.
Barbara: But she is also right. You know, actually wanting to help the children at this school shouldn't be a bad thing. [clicks tongue] Mm!
Ava: And where is everybody going?
Jacob: To check on Janine.
Melissa: To eat lunch... after I check on Janine.

Quote from Janine

Gregory: You're on a mission. It's cool to see.
Janine: Thank you. It's just a day in the life of being a teacher here. You get used to it.
Gregory: And that smell in the walls?
Janine: Oh, no, you're never gonna get used to that.
Gregory: Okay.
Janine: So... But, um, you're subbing to go full time, right? Like...
Gregory: Um, we'll see. The job definitely surprises me.
Janine: Well, I hope you stay. For the kids.
Gregory: Yeah.
Gregory: Okay.
[aside to camera:]
Gregory: I'll stick around for a little while. [clears throat] You know, for the kids.

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