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Quote from Gregory in Step Class

Gregory: Oh, I mean, it's all gonna be trash to me. I'm a Baltimore pizza guy, like I said.
Jacob: Mm. You know what? I thought that might happen. And so, as your best friend here at Abbott, I took it upon myself to drive two hours to Baltimore to get you your favorite pizza from Say Cheese.
Gregory: That's crazy.
Jacob: I even asked the pizzaiolo to make it extra crunchy and wet. Bon appétit.
Gregory: Hmm. [picks up greasy, wet slice of pizza] A-All right, man, you... I can't do this. I-I just don't like pizza!
Mr. Johnson: What?! [mop clatters] Say that again. I don't think I heard you, son.
Barbara: Sweetheart, what do you mean you don't like pizza?
Gregory: I just don't understand the concept of having a bunch of ingredients just slosh around in your mouth! It's not just pizza. I've got like four or five things that I actually like, and I just stick to those.

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