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Quote from Melissa in New Tech

Melissa: Hey, Hill. That lesson, that was garbage. That's not what happened.
Jacob: Okay, well, I've read several books on the subject. I think I know the history of the lesson.
Melissa: Well, me and my family lived it, so I think we know the history.
Jacob: I've also listened to several podcasts.
Melissa: Look, how about this? I know a guy who was actually a captain back in the day. How about I hook you up, he can come to the class and do like an eyewitness account for the kids?
[aside to camera:]
Jacob: Unexpected, but I am so happy Melissa's bringing in a police captain. He's gonna be able to talk to the kids about how this is done peacefully.
[separately to camera:]
Melissa: I'm just really happy Vinny, the strike captain, is out of jail so he can do this. It's also gonna count towards his community service. Just 100 more hours, and his record's cleared.

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