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Quote from Mr. Johnson in Desking

Mr. Johnson: This ain't my first rodeo, hombre. [chuckles] I've staken out before.
Gregory: You stake out other classrooms?
Mr. Johnson: No, you creep. I did private investigator work back in the day.
Gregory: You were a private investigator before a custodian?
Mr. Johnson: No, before I worked at the rodeo.
Gregory: Oh. Sorry. I just... I thought that, you know...
Mr. Johnson: What, that I've been a custodian my whole life? No, man. I worked as a pipe fitter, a minor league baseball bunting coach, a tastefully nude model, sold RVs for summer. Might find a new path after this.
Gregory: Wait, you never dreamed of just doing one thing?
Mr. Johnson: Sure, I have. But a dream can be a distraction just as easy as it can be a goal.

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