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Quote from Melissa in Light Bulb

Melissa: You don't think it kills us to see those faces in the morning? What, are we made of stone? You're not the first person to feel things, kid. We care.
Janine: How do you and Barbara stop yourselves from caring too much, if that's a thing?
Melissa: Because it's the opposite. We care so much, we refuse to burn out. If we burn out, who's here for these kids? That's why you gotta take care of yourself. What is with you today, anyway? You... You're normally bananas, but...
Janine: I don't know. Just some stuff at home, I think.
Melissa: Oh. Okay. See, that's the other thing me and Barbara learned. All that at-home stuff... You gotta... [clicks tongue] Leave it right at that door. Otherwise, you open up a whole 'nother Panera's box of problems.
Janine: I think you mean Pandora's box.
Melissa: No, I'm pretty sure it's Panera's box.

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