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When Aliens Camp

‘When Aliens Camp’

Season 3, Episode 25 -  Aired May 13, 1998

Dick wants to bring the Solomons closer together so he insists on a family camping trip, only to wind up inviting Mary.

Quote from Tommy

Sally: Aah! Couldn't sleep a wink. There was a big rock under my foot.
Tommy: That's funny. I couldn't sleep 'cause there was a big foot on my head.


Quote from Sally

Tommy: "Let's see how you do without my leadership. Of course, I won't be there to see it, but I am confident you'll fail. Ha ha! Good-bye forever, Dick."
Sally: Okay, listen up, people. What we got here is a missing camper. We're gonna check every outhouse, doghouse, and henhouse in a 5-mile radius.
Tommy: What about just a house?
Sally: Shut up! Albright, you guard the camp.
Mary: Oh, now, look, I think I might be of some help here.
Sally: Look maybe you can catch a bass or toss a tent, but when it comes to search and rescue, I'm in charge of the troops.
Mary: Fine. I just want to point out that your troops are standing in poison sumac.
Sally: So? They're not eating it, are they?

Quote from Tommy

Sally: Dick! Dick! Dick!
Mary: Hello.
Sally: Albright, what are you doing here miles from the campsite?
Tommy: Yeah, with your tent and our tent and the lake... and we just went in a big-ass circle, didn't we?
Mary: Yup.

Quote from Harry

Harry: [gunshots] My tree disguise sure ain't working.

Quote from Tommy

Sally: Hey, you guys, can you give Harry another berry? He's drooling on my shoulder.
Tommy: Oh, yeah. Chasing that trout upstream really wiped him out.

Quote from Mrs. Dubcek

Harry: What do you think?
Mrs. Dubcek: I can't quite put my finger on it. It's like peanut butter but with a kind of fishy taste.
Harry: It's trout butter.
Mrs. Dubcek: I don't like it. I love it.

Quote from Harry

Dick: That fish really looks delicious, Mary.
Harry: Well, our dinner's almost ready.
Tommy: Harry, I'm not eating that.
Harry: Oh, why, puddin'? 'Cause it doesn't have butter or sour cream?
Tommy: No. 'Cause it's a rock.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Oh, this could be fun for tonight. The Rutherford Museum is presenting their Titanic exhibit. They're unveiling a tank of water from where the doomed liner went down.

Quote from Harry

Harry: What's for lunch?
Sally: I didn't make anything.
Harry: All right, I'm off to the gyro [jie-row] stand.
Dick: Oh, Harry, Harry, it's gyros [year-os].
Harry: You know, if one more person tells me how to pronounce it, I'm just gonna stop eating 'em.

Quote from Harry

Sally: What was that about?
Dick: Don't you see what's happening here? We're not spending any time together.
Sally: Well, what about last week when we went to the plumbing supply store?
Dick: That was an emergency.
Harry: Oh sure, throw that back in my face.

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