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The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part Two

‘The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part Two’

Season 6, Episode 20 -  Aired May 29, 2001

Dick, Sally, Harry and Tommy prepare to leave Earth after the Big Giant Head cancels their mission.

Quote from Dick

Harry: Hey, you know what? If we have to leave on Saturday anyway, we might as well have a big going-away party.
Dick: Harry, that is a great idea. It will give us a chance to say good-bye.
Tommy: Right. "Good-bye, humans. We're going back to our home planet in outer space." Then they can dissect us on the tarmac.
Dick: A party with a space theme.
Tommy: Oh, that's not annoying.
Harry: And people will be encouraged to get their swerve on. [dances]
Dick: Exactly.
Sally: Oh, that reminds me. We're gonna need a designated driver for the flight home. Not it!
Harry & Tommy: Not it!
Dick: Damn!


Quote from Don

Don: I'm on my way to turn in my stuff down at the station, and I wanted you to be the first to try my brand-new, world-famous banana-bread muffins!
Sally: It's- It's big.
Don: Well, I couldn't find those little cupcake papers, so I had to use coffee filters.

Quote from Tommy

Tommy: Did you finish the party plan?
Harry: Oh, yeah. Check it out.
Tommy: What is this?
Harry: What?
Tommy: "Music: A.M. radio. Food: fancy mixed nuts. Paper napkins?" This is pathetic, man. If we have to throw a party, let's at least do it right.
Harry: Dude, we are broke! We have been broke for six years.
Tommy: Okay. We'll charge it. Max out our credit cards.
Harry: Well, we can do that?
Tommy: Yeah. By the time they send us the bill, we'll be in another galaxy thirty trillion miles away.
Harry: I don't know why everybody doesn't do that.

Quote from Sally

Sally: All right, Don. Choose. Muffin? Or gun? Who are you, Don? Are you a cop, or are you a muffineer?
Don: I'm a cop! [picks up gun] I'm a cop who wants a muffin. [points gun at Sally]
Sally: And the student becomes the master. [gives Don the muffin]

Quote from Dick

Dick: Mary, the mission's over. I have to go back.
Mary: Well, first you tell me you're an alien, and then two days later, you tell me you're leaving Earth?
Dick: I didn't say forever.
Mary: Oh, so you can come back?
Dick: No, it's forever. Come with me. I love you.
Mary: Oh, I love you too, but... to spend the rest of my life on another planet...
Dick: Mary, do you really want to start dating again? Especially at your age?
Mary: Saturday, huh? Okay, I'll do it! [they kiss]

Quote from Harry

Harry: This place looks pretty good, huh?
Tommy: Mmm. It's amazing what $19,000 can do to an attic.
Harry: Oh, hey, by the way I got ya somethin'. [gives Tommy a necklace] It says "Tommy."
Tommy: Oh, thanks, man.
Harry: I liked it so much, I got me one, too.
Tommy: Yours also says "Tommy."
Harry: Yeah. You were always my favorite.

Quote from Dick

Mary: This is so ironic. Aliens throwing an alien party. Is any of this stuff authentic?
Dick: The dip is. Oh, Mary, I'm so glad you're coming with us to the home planet. I can't wait to show you off.
Mary: So I guess in space, I'll be your trophy girlfriend, huh?
Dick: You'll be the size of a trophy.
Mary: What?
Dick: Oh, look. Tapenade.

Quote from Harry

Harry: And now for the entertainment. It has always been our dream to get the guy who plays Wipeout on paint cans out in front of the bus station to come and play our party. Tonight, that dream has come true. But first we got this other guy. [reads paper] Elvis Costello.

Quote from Mrs. Dubcek

Mrs. Dubcek: Harry, our little teatime nooner today was one of the best ever.
Harry: Shh! Look, we're gonna have to lay low for a while, okay? I'm goin' out of town.
Mrs. Dubcek: Ah, you'll be back.
Harry: Shh!
Mrs. Dubcek: They always come back. [laughs]

Quote from Dick

Dick: Sally, I'm so glad that you and Mary have become so close.
Sally: Oh, no. She's coming.
Dick: They- They said that we could bring specimens. I'm bringing a rock, a twig, and Mary.
Sally: Fine, whatever. But you know what? She's sitting on the hump.
Dick: Oh, now, be fair.

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