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The Fifth Solomon

‘The Fifth Solomon’

Season 5, Episode 3 -  Aired November 2, 1999

Dick is outraged to learn that you can't buy insurance after crashing your car, so the Solomons must say goodbye to the Rambler. Meanwhile, an insurance salesman, Gary (Bob Odenkirk), sees a goldmine in Harry.

Quote from Dick

Sally: You know, it's weird. Humans are not very discriminating. I mean, they become as emotionally attached to objects as they do to people.
Dick: No, it's not just the objects, Sally. It's the memories and feelings that we associate with them.
Tommy: But then where does that end? I mean, we have memories and feelings associated with everything. I'm surprised we can throw out garbage.
Dick: Garbage? Who's been throwing out garbage? I thought I was very clear about that!
Sally: No, no. He does it all the time.

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