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The Dicks They Are a Changin'

‘The Dicks They Are a Changin'’

Season 1, Episode 14 - Aired April 9, 1996

Mary becomes convinced that Dick is actually a hippy she met in the '60s who is hiding from the FBI. Meanwhile, Harry joins a mail-order music club.

Quote from Tommy

Mary: Dr. Solomon, every time I ask you about your past, you change the subject.
Dick: You know who really keeps changing the subject all the time? My students. One of them is going to Alaska. So, how's your brother?
Tommy: [enters] Dick, I'm here. Let's go.
Dick: You heard him. Gotta go.
Mary: You call your father Dick?
Tommy: Yeah. When he was younger, I used to call him Peanut.
Dick: Yes, well, have to run. See you tomorrow. Have a wonderful night. Bye-bye.


Quote from Dick

Mary: Aw, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Getting nostalgic?
Dick: Ah, yes, "those were the days, my friend." But you know, all this uproar, all this rhetoric, all this talk about mass movements... I mean, what's happening here? History is made by the individual, not by the masses.
Mary: Who said that?
Dick: I did.
Mary: No, no, where is that from?
Dick: My mouth.
Mary: No, somebody said that.
Dick: Hello. That was me.

Quote from Dick

Mary: I couldn't put it together until now. It finally clicked. The evasiveness, inconsistencies in your past. Dick Solomon is a false identity, isn't it?
Dick: False identity? Me? [giggles]
Mary: You could have trusted me, you know.
Dick: Well, I, I, I, I-
Mary: There are so many people in the government who would love to get their hands on you.
Dick: You can't let that happen. They'd parade me around like an animal!
Mary: Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me, Manny. Manny Rosenberg.
Dick: But I'm not Manny Rosenberg-
Mary: Of course not, because Manny Rosenberg is still being hunted by the FBI.
Dick: For food or sport?

Quote from Mary

Mary: I don't expect you to remember me, what with all the people you've met.
Dick: You're sitting on my desk. You've never done that before.
Mary: Do you remember ever being at Berkeley, at a rally?
Dick: Dr. Albright, you're not listening to me. I brought all this in to prove to you-
Mary: The stories you must have.
Dick: What?
Mary: You know I'd be lying if I said I found this less than intriguing.
Dick: Uh... [discards folder] Well, all those years underground, you do a lot of living.

Quote from Harry

Sally: Harry? You got another package from the CD club.
Harry: I don't have time to listen to the ones I have. Those demons, they're not human.
Sally: Neither are we.
Harry: Well, yeah, but we have an excuse.

Quote from Dick

Mary: Here's to waterbeds.
Dick: Okay. Here's to... floor lamps.

Quote from Mary

Mary: [groans] Oh, I can't believe we're doing this.
Dick: Your hands are so small and delicate. I'm not positive, but I think I can fit your entire foot in my mouth.
Mary: Oh! You are a superfreak.
Dick: "The kind you don't take home to mother."
Mary: Oh, Manny, Manny!
Dick: Now I'm feeling a moral dilemma. I'm not sure I can go through with this.
Mary: My bedroom's upstairs.
Dick: Race ya. [runs off]
Mary: Oh, what the hell.

Quote from Mary

Mary: Look, I-- I may have overreacted to this Manny thing. And I understand that men have a tendency to go overboard to impress me. I understand that.
Dick: The only reason I pretended to be Manny is because you liked him so much more than me.
Mary: I wouldn't go that far. Manny wasn't what he seemed, but you are exactly what you seem. And I'll admit that your lack of nuance is refreshing.
Dick: Oh, damn, I think I'm wearing Harry's underwear again.
Mary: Well, a little nuance wouldn't hurt.
Dick: So we're still friends?
Mary: Peace.

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