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The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 1

‘The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 1’

Season 5, Episode 21 -  Aired May 23, 2000

Dick grows fed up when the Big Giant Head (William Shatner) returns to Earth and won't give him a moment's peace. Meanwhile, Vicki Dubcek is upset to learn Harry is seeing another woman.

Quote from Dick

Big Giant Head: You're tense. Don't be so tense. I'm tense, too. My marriage is a charade. I'm so lonely.
Dick: Sir, what are your intentions?


Quote from Dick

Mrs. Dubcek: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Sorry about that last song. My mic crapped out.
Dick: It didn't crap out. I unplugged it.

Quote from Vicki Dubcek

Vicki Dubcek: Of course, you know, bein' queen does have its downside. I mean Stone and I have not had intimate relations in quite some time now.
Harry: Mm. You mean, because up there you're just a purple tube?
Vicki Dubcek: Well, that's his excuse. You know, I- I just- I miss intimacy, Harry. I- I miss fondling. I- I miss... sex! Oh!
Harry: So, how's this thing work?
Vicki Dubcek: No, no, no, no. No, no. Baby, don't play with fire. Hey, you know what? I just saved your life. [giggles] I wonder if you can think of a way to say "thank you."
Harry: Um...yes. Thank you.

Quote from Sally

Sally: Listen, Tommy's breakin' up with you.
Alissa: What?
Sally: Well, you said it yourself. It's the end of an era. Time to meet other people.
Alissa: Oh, no, that's just what I was-
Sally: Oh, yeah, what you were feeling. I know, it's cool, fine. Open a new chapter. But just remember this. The last chapter ended with Tommy breaking up with you.
Alissa: Why isn't he telling me this himself?
Sally: Alissa, it's time to move on. Move on to English! Move.

Quote from Dick

Dick: All right. When light hits the surface of water, how can we determine the angle at which it enters... the water?
Bug: That depends on the angle of incidence.
Dick: No, you clod. Wait. You're right. It does depend on the angle of incidence. You've been listening.
Pitman: Yeah, that determines the angle of refraction.
Dick: You said "refraction!" My God, you're getting this. Please, stay with me here.

Quote from Harry

Janice: This is so nice.
Harry: Mmm, well, you spend so much time in here workin' out, I figured you might want to know what it's like to eat in here, too.
Janice: You're a special guy, Harry.
Harry: And you smell like sweat, Janice.
Janice: That's probably the gym.
Harry: Don't try and play it down.

Quote from Vicki Dubcek

Vicki Dubcek: All right, Harry. I've tried to be subtle, I've tried to be seductive, and I've tried to be incredibly obvious.
Harry: About what?
Vicki Dubcek: I want you, baby. I want you now!
Harry: No! Wa- Wait! Stop, now!
Vicki Dubcek: Oh, I'll stop.I'll stop when we're finished, baby. [kisses Harry]
Harry: Vicki, I got a girlfriend.
Vicki Dubcek: What? Well... Harry, you don't- You don't like her as much as you like me, do you?
Harry: Oh, no. More. [exits]
Vicki Dubcek: The queen is... pissed.

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