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3rd Rock from the Sun: Stuck with Dick

319. Stuck with Dick

Aired March 18, 1998

After Dick surprises Mary with a candlelight supper in the library, the pair get trapped in the building over night. Meanwhile, Sally, Harry and Tommy break into Mary's place and end up hosting her tupperware party.

Quote from Mary

Mary: I don't have time. It's not that easy to erase the past.
Dick: Well, why would you want to erase the past? Think back, Mary. Don't you remember the romance?
Mary: The fighting?
Dick: The laughter?
Mary: The screaming?
Dick: The endless nights of lovemaking?
Mary: The endless parade of humiliations, interspersed with random acts of insanity!


Quote from Dick

Dick: Uh, excuse me. I'm looking for something light and understated, yet capable of catapulting me back into the snowy bosom of my true love.
Shop Owner: Ah. Chardonnay beaulieu?
Dick: Uh, no. Mary Albright.
Shop Owner: I'll look around for you.
Dick: Uh, be sure it goes with ham.
Harry: Better check the bottle, Dick. Some of this stuff's over a year old.
Tommy: Oh, Dick, this is so nice. Planning a surprise romantic encounter for someone who hates your guts.
Dick: That's where you're wrong, Tommy. Mary admitted that she still has feelings for me, which is why I must act quickly to regain her love and trust. Excuse me! Do you carry Spanish fly?

Quote from Mary

Mary: I'll tell you one thing.
Dick: What?
Mary: I made you earn it. That's Mary Albright! I don't just give it away. Anymore.

Quote from Mary

Mary: [slurs] I remember the first time I saw you. You walked in like cock of the walk. You knew what you wanted, and you took it! Just like a cat takes... What does a cat take?
Dick: Cat food?
Mary: That's it. [laughs]

Quote from Dick

Dick: You see? It isn't so bad being stuck here with me, is it?
Mary: I guess not. What's that smell?
Dick: Oh, I was afraid we'd get lost, so I left a trail of blue cheese in the vent, and I guess the heater just kicked in.
Mary: Oh! [gagging]
Dick: Champagne?

Quote from Mary

Dick: Ooh. Look at the studious schoolgirl, all alone up in the rare books room. Well, I'm the big, bad professor, and I'm disappointed in your grades!
Mary: Not now. I'm in a rush.
Dick: I'm just kidding, Mary. Actually, it's me, Dick.
Mary: Uh, Dick, are you here for a reason?
Dick: I'm here because, well, remember how you said that you still had feelings for me?
Mary: Oh, I knew that would come back and bite me in the ass.

Quote from Mary

Mary: Oh, it's after 7:00. They've turned the elevators off. I'll have to walk down the stairs. Oh, no!
Dick: [panicked] Oh, we're locked in! We could be here all night! All alone! [seductively] Just the two of us! We're locked in. We could be here all night. All alone, just the two of us.
Mary: [screams] No!

Quote from Sally

Sally: Oh, we're getting ready to console Dick. He's gonna be devastated once Albright gives him the boot.
Harry: Yeah. Poor bastard.
Tommy: Well, he should have been home by now. I mean, I've been rejected by lots of girls. It only takes a minute.
Sally: God, do you think something terrible happened to him?
Harry: Well, she probably just took him back.
Sally: That's what I meant!

Quote from Dick

Mary: What the hell are you doing?
Dick: I'm looking for a secret passageway out of here. But be ready. We might encounter a Nazi. Or even a mummy!
Mary: Dick, you got us into this. You could at least do something constructive!
Dick: Yeah. All right. All right. [shouts into the stairwell] Hello-oooh! [echo] Hello-oooh! You see?! There are other people here! We're trapped! [Echo] We're trapped! Great! They're trapped, too.

Quote from Harry

Sally: Spread out. I'll check upstairs.
Harry: I'll check the basement.
Tommy: There is no basement.
Harry: Ah. Then my work is done. I'm on a five, people.

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