Harry Quote #605

Quote from Harry in The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 1

Vicki Dubcek: Hey, Harry.
Harry: Ooh, hey, Vicki.
Vicki Dubcek: I can't sleep.
Harry: You know what works for me? Goin' to bed.


 ‘The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 1’ Quotes

Quote from Sally

Don: Why don't you take Janice where I took Sally on our first date?
Sally: Yeah, the Seafood Hut.
Don: It was great. We had a bucket of steamers, a couple of cold beers.
Sally: Yeah, and at the end of the night, both of us had crabs.
Don: That didn't sound exactly right, Sally.
Sally: Don, we had crabs, and you know it.

Quote from Don

Don: I gotta go. There's a car stolen every 15 minutes, and the guy who's doin' it has to be stopped.

Quote from Tommy

Dick: Hey, Tommy, how was school?
Tommy: Terrible. I got hauled into the principal's office because of my grades.
Harry: Oh, what'd he do to you?
Tommy: He made me valedictorian. Apparently, I have the best grades in the school, damn it.
Dick: But you barely ever go to class.
Tommy: I know. That's how stupid everyone else is. Damn it!