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Quote from Mary in Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons

Dick: They're right. You can't go home again. So much for "family" and "brotherhood" and "home is where the heart is." What a bunch of crap!
Mary: Now you know where I've been coming from. You go home for the holidays, you see that beautiful Christmas tree in the window. Everything looks so idyllic. And all of a sudden there's your mother swinging a five-iron at your father's head, and the tree's in the eggnog.
Dick: How do you deal with it?
Mary: I repress. Repression is the key to a happy family.
Dick: Doesn't sound very healthy.
Mary: If you yell and scream, you end up sounding like your mother. I'm gonna go get another drink.
Dick: Didn't you just finish one?
Mary: Get off my back!


 ‘Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Dick: You know, Mary, the great thing about rediscovering your roots is... you suddenly have a whole new world of people to blame for, you know, everything.

Quote from Dick

Mary: Are you gonna visit her?
Dick: We have a family reunion this weekend. It sounds like it's gonna be wonderful. You wanna come?
Mary: Are you sure it's all right?
Dick: Well, of course it's all right.
Mary: Oh, Dick, it's family, I-
Dick: No, don't worry, Mary. I'm sure you'll find my family to be warm and nurturing. It won't bear any resemblance to the liquor-drenched orgy of hatred and recrimination that marks every Albright get-together.

Quote from Sally

Sally: "Sally Solomon, you have been preapproved for a platinum credit card. Only our most valued and cherished customers qualify for platinum status." You guys, I qualify for platinum status!
Tommy: So did I!
Harry: Me too!