Mrs. Dubcek Quote #38

Quote from Mrs. Dubcek in Dick and the Other Guy

Mrs. Dubcek: Now, if you want to find out what's up with Don, why don't you try the old-fashioned method?
Sally: What do you mean, like, stalk him?
Mrs. Dubcek: No! Disguise yourself and follow him around.


 ‘Dick and the Other Guy’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Mary: What are these?
Dr. Liam Neesam: Escargot foie gras champignon à la grecque en croute. Do try one.
Mary: Oh, this is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!
Dick: Once again, I come in second.

Quote from Dick

Dick: So, Dr. Neesam, what has brought you to Pendelton?
Dr. Liam Neesam: A plane. Lethal contraption.
Dick: Oh, I agree. Your fate is in the hands of a couple of doormen and a uniformed waitress.
Dr. Liam Neesam: And the endless pointing.
Dick: Oh, god, yes! They point to where the door is.
Dr. Liam Neesam: And you only just came through it.
Dick: Exactly.
Dr. Liam Neesam: As far as I'm concerned, if the plane lands on the water, my flotation device will be the person next to me.
Dick: Dr. Neesam, I find you pompous, judgmental, and completely self-absorbed. Would you be my friend?
Dr. Liam Neesam: We'll see.

 Mrs. Dubcek Quotes

Quote from Why Dickie Can't Teach

Sally: How did these bozos get to be so powerful?
Mrs. Dubcek: You know what they say: under every great man is a great woman.
Don: Don't you mean "behind every man"?
Mrs. Dubcek: Oh, you're dirty.

Quote from Alien Hunter

Mrs. Dubcek: Wow. I haven't been drugged and tied up like this since Valentine's Day.