Don Quote #64

Quote from Don in The Physics of Being Dick

Dick: Oh, that's it! I want a new job. A job that comes with respect, stature, and free cheeseburgers. I want your job.
Don: Dick, you don't know the first thing about being a cop. It's a gritty job where a good day is one where you come home alive.
Tommy: Isn't that pretty much a good day for anyone?


 ‘The Physics of Being Dick’ Quotes

Quote from Sally

Sally: I found a mistake in your speech.
Mary: Oh. Okay. Let's hear it.
Sally: Okay. This is so great. Okay. Here on page 2, you say there aren't any Aymaran communities on the high plains, but Dirkson's survey says there are.
Mary: No, there aren't.
Sally: Yeah, but Dirkson says there are.
Mary: All right. Maybe there's one or two, but my point still stands.
Sally: No. Okay, but Dirkson says-
Mary: Forget Dirkson! Just go back there and concentrate on- on place names and spellings and things like that. Okay? [exits]
Sally: Man, who died and made her Dirkson?

Quote from Dick

Dick: Morning, class, I'm sorry I'm so late. A funny thing happened today. I learned that there is a, uh... A small group of people that doesn't find physics absolutely exhilarating. Isn't that hilarious? [silence] [students let out a slight chuckle] Exactly. So I was wondering, what drove you to take it?
Bug: Well, uh, it's required.
Pitman: And we want to graduate.
Dick: So that's all that brings you back to my class, a requirement? Not one of you yearns for a career in physics? [Leon raises his hand] Not one soul longs to make physics his lifework? [Leon waves his hand] Not one among you aspires to place physics--
Leon: Dr. Solomon.
Dick: Leon, please, tell me you have to pee.

 Don Orville Quotes

Quote from Assault with a Deadly Dick

Harry: Well, Officer Don, we're here to report a crime.
Sally: I blame myself. I dropped my guard.
Don: It's not your fault. Crime happens. On the surface, Rutherford may look like small town America, but just beneath the well-manicured lawns lies a hotbed of criminal activity. We may be in the shadow of Cleveland, but it's in the shadows where evil lurks.

Quote from Romeo & Juliet & Dick

Sally: Hey, guys. Oh, you still watching that stuff?
Dick: It's not "stuff," it's Hamlet.
Sally: Yeah, but why do they have to talk that way? I mean, I can't follow the story.
Don: Hamlet? The story is as old as time. Pretty-boy son has a rich daddy and a good-looking mommy. The uncle knocks off daddy, marries mommy, and he cuts pretty boy out of the action. So junior goes crazy and he kills them all. Not a pretty story, but there it is.
Tommy: Isn't that the plot to The Lion King?
Dick: Oh, please!