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Quote from Tommy in Tom, Dick and Mary

Tommy: You know what the Aztecs' problem was? They were at the wrong apex of the technological world arc.
Mary: I've never heard of that.
Tommy: Oh, it's my own theory. You see, technology begins in China in 5,000 B.C., with, um, literature and architecture and pasta and alcoholic beverages and fireworks.
Mary: Oh. Would you like an Oreo?
Tommy: Oh, thank you.
Mary: Oh, please continue. This is fascinating.
Tommy: So over the centuries the techno-arc moves through the Middle East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Florence, Europe, the Americas, until it gets back to the Pacific Rim, but it always travels west.
Mary: So you're saying, the earth's rotation affects civilization.
Tommy: Exactly! And every dominant society is in sync with the arc.
Mary: And the Aztecs are-
Tommy: They're off the arc by 2,000 years, and that is why their advancements are never recognized.


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Quote from Sally

Dick: Well, what about dinner?
Sally: It's so much harder than I thought. I actually have to learn how to respect my coworkers if I'm going to keep this job.
Tommy: "No offense but you're offending me." What's this?
Sally: Oh, it's a pamphlet about understanding and tolerance and all that crap. Anyway, I read it, and as hard as this is to believe, sometimes I think I make people feel uncomfortable.
Tommy: Oh, get out.

Quote from Sally

Sally: Hey, guys! Good news!
Dick: What is it, Lieutenant?
Sally: I got a job. A real job. Look.
Dick: "Sally Solomon, Stern and Bower, Inc."
Sally: It's my I.D. I have a parking pass, medical, dental, pension, profit sharing. I'm thinking of retiring in Mexico.
Tommy: Well, your dollar goes further there.

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Quote from See Dick Continue to Run: Part 2

Mary: What's going on? Dick is acting strangely.
Tommy: Listen, Dr. Albright. Dick, he's got a lot of baggage. It's an internal struggle.
[Dick and Evil Dick continue fighting in the living room]
Mary: Oh, that poor thing. I didn't know.
Tommy: No, you couldn't know, 'cause he's been afraid. See, he's been lonely for such a long time. And as the years went by, he fell into despair and lost all hope, for what woman could ever learn to love a beast?

Quote from The Dicks They Are a Changin'

Dick: Tommy, how are you coming along with our histories?
Tommy: Oh, I have them right here. Legal documents, school records, doctored pictures, the works. Dick Solomon, class nerd, held back by a domineering mother, went to work for NASA in '74, but was fired after a minor procurement scandal. Newspaper clippings are enclosed. Major burnout led to a string of second-rate teaching jobs... yada, yada, yada, ending up here.
Dick: Well, this is excellent.
Sally: What about me?
Tommy: Sally. Stockbroker during the greedy '80s. Made and lost several fortunes before psychological problems and gender confusion led to a sex change operation in 1988.
Harry: I'm next.
Tommy: Harry. Harry, you're adopted, but we haven't told you yet.
Harry: Oh, that's gonna hurt.