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Quote from Mary in A Nightmare on Dick Street: Part 1

Dick: Mary, there's something I have to ask you. I may not be a rich man, I may not be a young man, I may not be a fireman, but I am a man who cares about you very deeply, and I can't bear the thought of you going away for a whole year.
Mary: Well, it's going to be hard for me, too, Dick.
Dick: Then why did you apply for this Borneo trip in the first place?
Mary: Well, I applied before we were...
Dick: Sleeping together?
Mary: No, we were sleeping together. I just wasn't sure if we were serious.
Dick: Have you ever slept with someone you weren't serious about?
Mary: Uh... no. The point is, we are.
Dick: Sleeping together?
Mary: Serious.


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Quote from Don

Sally: So, Don you want to buy a doughnut for the gal who just made you detective?
Don: I'm not in the mood for doughnuts.
Sally: No doughnuts, Don?
Don: No.
Sally: What's wrong?
Don: A man isn't a man if he doesn't have respect. Borskey should have been mine, Sally.
Sally: It was just a fluke, Don. I mean, if you had run out of toilet paper, you could have caught him.
Don: You know what the sick irony is, Sally? I am out of toilet paper.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Oh, no. No, no, no, it can't be. It's 1994!
Tommy: Dick, they're just old magazines.
Dick: Oh. For a hundred bucks an hour, you'd think he could renew a subscription.

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Quote from A Dick Replacement

Mary: Listen, you. That psychic didn't know anything. You have many, many years ahead of you, and I will be right by your side. And after that, I don't want anybody else.
Dick: Mary, you'd rather be alone?
Mary: After you, I'm done.
Dick: Of course you are. How could I expect you to ever settle for anyone else after being with someone like me? I've ruined you.
Mary: More than you'll ever know.

Quote from Youth is Wasted on the Dick

Mary: Sterling Lake is really special to me, Dick. I spent so many happy summers there with my family when I was young.
Dick: Wait a second. You had a youth, too?
Mary: Yes, Dick.
Dick: Well, what was it like, or can you still remember?
Mary: It was wonderful. We lived in log cabins we built ourselves. Oh! And when Mr. Lincoln came to town, we were all a-flutter. What do you think it was like, Dick?