Mary Quote #69

Quote from Mary in Dickmalion

Mary: No, the North Rutherford Country Club is planning its charity auction and I volunteered my house.
Dick: I didn't know you were in a club.
Mary: Well, they haven't asked me to join, not yet. They have the most wonderful health spa. Not to mention pool, tennis, golf, spa cuisine. Not that that's important.
Nina: Oh, no.
Mary: I'm doing this for charity.
Dick: Oh, what charity?
Mary: Oh, something for kids. Orphans, I think.


 ‘Dickmalion’ Quotes

Quote from Sally

Dick: Now, Sally, they already adore me. But you must strive to be accepted by these people.
Sally: Accepted? Have you forgotten how hot I am? I mean, good looking women are accepted at more places than American Express. I could belch the alphabet and men with PhDs would be asking me to tutor their kids.

Quote from Dick

Nina: So, how was your party? Did you play "pin the tail on the Bentley"?
Dick: [sighs] No, no. Mostly we just played "pin the cheese on the cracker."
Nina: Mmm exciting party, huh?
Dick: Exciting? It was awful. I had a two-hour conversation with someone about Cornish gay men.
Nina: Are you sure it wasn't "Cornish game hen?"
Dick: That's what I said, "Cornish gay men." Aren't you listening?

Quote from Mary

Nina: What she means is you live on the wrong side of the tracks.
Mary: That's not what I'm saying... out loud.
Dick: What?
Mary: Well, it's just that I've tried so hard to get these people to accept me that I don't want to invite them to my boyfriend's attic with his unusual brother and angry Amazon sister in the heart of the meat packing district. No offense.
Dick: No, none taken.
Nina: Or understood.