Sally Quote #151

Quote from Sally in Proud Dick

Sally: All right, gentlemen, prepare yourself for a fancy feast.
Dick: Fancy feast? Can we afford that?
Sally: Yes, we can. Because while I was shopping today, I found this aisle in the back that had these unbelievable savings. Tuna, liver, and even seafood blend for you finicky types.
Tommy: Wait a minute. You're feeding us cat?
Sally: It's not cat, Tommy, it's salmon. There's just a picture of a cat on the label. The best part is, next to the food they had these adorable little gifts. Look.
Dick: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. I've never been happier in my life!
Sally: I was playing with it today, and it got stuck behind the refrigerator, and I went nuts trying to get it!


 ‘Proud Dick’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Dick: Hmm. I made the front page of the Daily Badgerian again.
Sally: What's it say? "Physics professor calls Einstein 'idiot', proclaims self much smarter."

Quote from Harry

Harry: No sofa? That's weird. Mmm. High Commander's log book. Well, this sounds interesting. January 9th. "We have successfully assumed human form and have tricked the earthlings into thinking that we are of their species." Oh, my God! They're aliens!

Quote from Dick

Dick: Well, I guess this has been kind of tough on all of us.
Tommy: Dick, why don't you just apologize and get your job back?
Dick: Apologize? Should the Venus De Milo apologize to the thug who broke its arms off? No! Should the sphinx apologize to the desert winds for eroding its nose? No! Should Jim Carrey apologize to America for The Cable Guy? Perhaps. No, I'm not gonna apologize. I can play their waiting game.
Sally: Yeah, well, if you want to play the eating game, you've got to do something.
Dick: Oh, I plan to. I'm gonna get myself a new job, a job worthy of me!
Sally: Oh, really? And where would that be?
Dick: In America, land of opportunity!