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Quote from Sally in Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space

Dick: You know, I feel sorry for you. I mean, this afternoon, I'm going shopping for drapes with Dr. Albright, and you'll be alone. And tomorrow I'm taking Dr. Albright to the recycling center, and you'll be alone.
Sally: The way I look at it, Dick, I'm embarking on an adventure. I mean, the dating world is like a huge food court for me, and I can take my little red tray anywhere I like.
Dick: I don't follow.
Sally: Well, you see, Dick, it's like, with you, you know you're going to have grilled cheese every day, day after day after day after day. But me, tonight I might go Italian. Tomorrow, Greek. Next week, who knows? Mexican, Chinese...
Harry: Hot dog on a stick.


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Quote from Harry

Harry: Hi, my name is Harry Solomon. My turn-ons are sunshine, beach houses, and baking bread with my blouse off.
Alan: I wasn't rolling.
Harry: Oh, I'm sorry.
Alan: All right, Harry, this is all about just being yourself. I want you to just relax, act natural, and have fun, okay? All right, here we go.
Harry: Okay. I was brought up on the backstreets Learned to love before I could eat Educated, ow-Ww! At Woodstock I'm a soul man!

Quote from Tommy

Tommy: Personally, I think Dick's going a little overboard with the whole thing. You have to realize making love to Mr. Randell is your decision.
Sally: You're right. I'll do it. I mean, what do I have to lose except my virginity? Good-bye, Mr. Hymen.
Tommy: You're firing our accountant? Oh.

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Quote from Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole

Sally: Plus, we don't need him. I have a plan.
Don: You do?
Sally: Yeah, I'm gonna flood the hole with 3,000 gallons of water, and then Dick and Harry'll just float to the top.
Don: What if they don't float?
Sally: Well... then they're witches.

Quote from Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary

Sally: All right. What have we got, Tommy?
Tommy: The lady says she stepped out of the laundromat to get a coffee. When she returned, her slipcovers had been removed from the dryer and placed on the folding table. She also claims they were still wet.
Sally: Is this a fact, sir?
Mrs. Dubcek: He moved my stuff.
Sally: I am not talking to you.
Mrs. Dubcek: I'm saying, I went-
Sally: Zip it! Tommy... [clears throat] Why don't you tell our friend here the rules.
Tommy: The rules are: you are not to remove someone else's moist items from the dryer.
Sally: Now, was it moist?
Man: It was damp.
Sally: Don't pee on my shoes and tell me the washer's leaking.