Mary Quote #45

Quote from Mary in Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space

Mary: The point is, breaking up with Kevin was smart. He wanted you to be something you're not, and you're fine just the way you are. I like you, Sally.
Sally: I didn't know you liked me.
Mary: Well, I do. You're a strong, opinionated, intelligent young woman. Unpredictable at times, a little scary, but, hell, that's you.
Sally: That is me. I like me, too, but why didn't Mr. Randell?
Mary: Well, he's just not the right guy for you. But you'll find someone. I mean, just look at you. Those legs, that hair-
Sally: Please! I've been dragged through the muck enough today.
Mary: Just chalk this up to experience.
Sally: Thanks, Dr. Albright. You're so nice. I always thought you were such a bitch.
Mary: Oh, I am, but, hell, that's me.


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Quote from Harry

Harry: Hi, my name is Harry Solomon. My turn-ons are sunshine, beach houses, and baking bread with my blouse off.
Alan: I wasn't rolling.
Harry: Oh, I'm sorry.
Alan: All right, Harry, this is all about just being yourself. I want you to just relax, act natural, and have fun, okay? All right, here we go.
Harry: Okay. I was brought up on the backstreets Learned to love before I could eat Educated, ow-Ww! At Woodstock I'm a soul man!

Quote from Tommy

Tommy: Personally, I think Dick's going a little overboard with the whole thing. You have to realize making love to Mr. Randell is your decision.
Sally: You're right. I'll do it. I mean, what do I have to lose except my virginity? Good-bye, Mr. Hymen.
Tommy: You're firing our accountant? Oh.

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Quote from A Dick Replacement

Mary: Listen, you. That psychic didn't know anything. You have many, many years ahead of you, and I will be right by your side. And after that, I don't want anybody else.
Dick: Mary, you'd rather be alone?
Mary: After you, I'm done.
Dick: Of course you are. How could I expect you to ever settle for anyone else after being with someone like me? I've ruined you.
Mary: More than you'll ever know.

Quote from Youth is Wasted on the Dick

Mary: Sterling Lake is really special to me, Dick. I spent so many happy summers there with my family when I was young.
Dick: Wait a second. You had a youth, too?
Mary: Yes, Dick.
Dick: Well, what was it like, or can you still remember?
Mary: It was wonderful. We lived in log cabins we built ourselves. Oh! And when Mr. Lincoln came to town, we were all a-flutter. What do you think it was like, Dick?