Mrs. Dubcek Quote #56

Quote from Mrs. Dubcek in Alien Hunter

Mrs. Dubcek: Wow. I haven't been drugged and tied up like this since Valentine's Day.


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Quote from Harry

Don: Well, I gotta go. See you, Sally. Tommy, Dick, Harry. You know, I- I just noticed that you're Tom, Dick, and Harry.
Harry: So?
Don: So Tom, Dick, and Harry. You know, like "every Tom, Dick, and Harry."
Tommy: Well... that doesn't mean that it's a calculated attempt on our part to seem average.
Harry: Yeah. I mean, we just picked names at random when we got here. [Dick and Sally slap Harry] I mean when we landed. [Dick and Sally slap Harry again] Bye, Don.
Don: Bye.
Tommy: Well, that was close.

Quote from Mrs. Dubcek

Sally: Bar? Why do we need a bar?
Mrs. Dubcek: Well, it's a party, you know. You gotta serve drinks, liquor, whatnot.
Sally: Okay. Booze. How much do we get?
Mrs. Dubcek: I always figure three quarters of an ounce of liquor per 10 pounds of guest. Now, for a 200-pound man, you're gonna need about a half a quart of vodka.
Sally: Great. Now I gotta call everybody to ask them how much they weigh.
Mrs. Dubcek: Put me down at 300 pounds. What? I'm big-boned.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Come along, Charlotte. As to greatness, I find that some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some thrust their greatness upon others.