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Quote from Nina in Lonely Dick

Nina: And if you think that I won't cause a scene just because we're in a fancy restaurant, you had better think again because I'm going to tell you exactly what I think of your sorry ass and the loser school that owns it because I, Nina Campbell, am quitting! [sobs] I work damn hard for you!
Dick: Nina, sit down. I'm not firing you.
Nina: You're not?
Dick: No.
Nina: Oh. Okay. [clears throat] [clicks fingers to the waiter] Um, I'd like to change my order. Bring me the rack of lamb and a beefeater martini, straight up with an olive.
Dick: But about Dr. Albright's number-
Nina: Don't press your luck.


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Quote from Harry

Dick: Sally, you know, fragrance is an integral part of the human experience. The smell of flowers in the springtime, the aroma of fresh baked apple pie.
Harry: A beautiful sunset with pink and orange streaking the sky.
Tommy: Harry, that's a sight, not a smell.
Harry: Oh. Well, I knew it was one of those face hole things.

Quote from Nina

Nina: Good morning, Dr. Solomon. Isn't it a beautiful day?
Dick: You're in a cheerful mood, Nina. Do you forget that Dr. Albright is gone?
Nina: Nope.
Dick: Nina, do you have the number where Dr. Albright is staying?
Nina: Yep.
Dick: Good. Could you get her on the phone for me, please?
Nina: She said no calls.
Dick: Nina, you work for me, too. When I ask you to do something, you are to do it immediately, no questions asked!
Nina: [laughs] Whoo!

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Quote from Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole

Mary: Oh, Nina, I feel so bad, Dick being trapped in that hole. It's another example of when bad things happen to good people.
Nina: It's not a great example.

Quote from Power Mad Dick

Nina: See ya.
Dick: Oh, uh, Nina now that you're going to Mary's new office and leaving me, I want to wish you luck and tell you I've never been happy with your work.
Nina: And now that I'm leaving, I want you to know... you can kiss my Black behind.