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Quote from Dick in Dick's First Birthday

Nina: I'm updating the office birthday list. When's your birthday?
Dick: Do I have to tell you?
Nina: What, are you pleading the fifth?
Dick: Uh, the fifth sounds fine. This month.
Nina: Ah, that's this Monday. How old will you be?
Dick: Why do I have to tell you a specific number? Are you keeping score?
Nina: Well, if you're going to get sensitive, never mind.
Dick: I just don't see why age is so important.
Nina: I've guess you've got a milestone creeping up on you.
Dick: No. No, that's my underwear.


 ‘Dick's First Birthday’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Dick: I'm done. How do I look?
[Dick removes the hair cap to revealed his freshly-dyed jet black hair]
Sally: Um, Dick, um... Okay, if somebody were helping you with an experiment and things went awry and you became horribly disfigured, you wouldn't hold it against them, now would you?
Dick: Why? What happened?
Sally: Nothing. Destroy all the mirrors now!
Dick: No, no! I've got to see! [holds up a hand mirror] Oh, my God! I'm gorgeous!

Quote from Sally

Dick: These women, they're all vibrant, healthy, strong, young. They're just like Sally.
Sally: You know, I've been thinking about this. Every time I turn on the TV or open a magazine, I see people like me. All the ads are aimed at me. I am what counts.
Dick: I think you're full of something, Lieutenant.
Sally: No, no, no, no. If I don't watch a TV show, it's canceled. I don't like a soft drink, history. If I don't like a certain feminine product with wings, they'll make one with a propeller. I am the target demographic. Face it, Dick. I'm young, hot and all-powerful.
Harry: You just said yes to you.

Quote from Sally

[Tommy and Sally are nervously stood in the kitchen looking at a bowl of Jell-O]
Tommy: Now, you say Mrs. Dubcek brought it to us?
Sally: Uh-huh. What do you think it wants?
Tommy: What is it trying to tell us?
Sally: The thing that scares me the most are the little oranges in its stomach.