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Quote from Harry in Stuck with Dick

Sally: Spread out. I'll check upstairs.
Harry: I'll check the basement.
Tommy: There is no basement.
Harry: Ah. Then my work is done. I'm on a five, people.


 ‘Stuck with Dick’ Quotes

Quote from Mary

Mary: I don't have time. It's not that easy to erase the past.
Dick: Well, why would you want to erase the past? Think back, Mary. Don't you remember the romance?
Mary: The fighting?
Dick: The laughter?
Mary: The screaming?
Dick: The endless nights of lovemaking?
Mary: The endless parade of humiliations, interspersed with random acts of insanity!

Quote from Dick

Dick: Uh, excuse me. I'm looking for something light and understated, yet capable of catapulting me back into the snowy bosom of my true love.
Shop Owner: Ah. Chardonnay beaulieu?
Dick: Uh, no. Mary Albright.
Shop Owner: I'll look around for you.
Dick: Uh, be sure it goes with ham.
Harry: Better check the bottle, Dick. Some of this stuff's over a year old.
Tommy: Oh, Dick, this is so nice. Planning a surprise romantic encounter for someone who hates your guts.
Dick: That's where you're wrong, Tommy. Mary admitted that she still has feelings for me, which is why I must act quickly to regain her love and trust. Excuse me! Do you carry Spanish fly?

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Quote from InDickscretion

Harry: Well, I'm going with ya. Because I, too, have a wanderlust inspired by a different book.
Tommy: You do?
Harry: Indeed. And one day far from here, you and I will point our fingers at that bespectacled man with the sock hat and proudly say, "There's Waldo!"
Tommy: Harry, Waldo's a fictional character.
Harry: Ah, then it will be that much sweeter... when we find him.

Quote from The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 2

Dick: Oh, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to feel. Who am I?!
Harry: Well, let me see. Your first name's Dick. Your new last name is Head, so I guess that would make...
Dick: Oh, my God.