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Quote from Dick in Fifteen Minutes of Dick

Mary: Oh, remember what Andy Warhol said.
Dick: What? "I bet if I paint this can of soup, some sucker will pay a million dollars for it"?
Mary: After that. The thing about everybody being famous for 15 minutes.
Dick: Fifteen minutes?
Mary: Yes, well, this is Sally's 15 minutes. Let her enjoy them.
Dick: Fifteen minutes? Oh. Fame is so fleeting. [chuckles] Poor Sally. [laughs]


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Quote from Harry

Tommy: Uh, Sally, they want you to be on Good Afternoon, Rutherford.
Harry: That's my second-favorite show.
Dick: What's your first favorite?
Harry: Good Morning, Rutherford.

Quote from Sally

Dick: Just a minute, Missy. I think you're forgetting something: our dinner. Tonight I'd like you to make something stroganoff-y.
Harry: Mmm, I'm sorry, but due to a prior commitment, miss Sullivan's dinner-making will have to be rescheduled.
Dick: Enough! Lieutenant, as of right now, I order you to be no longer famous.
Sally: You can't order that.
Dick: Think of the mission.
Sally: This is bigger than the mission! I didn't ask for this mantle. The people of Rutherford need a Sally Solomon, and it just so happens I am Sally Solomon. So I will be their Sally Solomon. I can do no less. Play ball!

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Quote from Fear and Loathing in Rutherford

Strudwick: You know, it's funny. I used to bring these creamers home to Alissa. She'd have little tea parties with her stuffed animals. They grow up quick, don't they?
Dick: Yeah. I can remember when Tommy didn't even know how to wipe his own butt. Then he figured it out all on his own. And taught me.

Quote from Brains and Eggs

Mary: For future reference, I have a red Volvo.
Dick: [gasps] Please, Dr. Albright! We barely know each other.