Nina Quote #92

Quote from Nina in Why Dickie Can't Teach

Mary: Oh, Tommy, we are so thrilled to have a student like you consider Pendelton.
Dick: We're gonna start by showing you some slides of Pendelton's magnificent physical plant. Nina, plug in the projector.
Nina: No. It'll blow out the toaster oven in the faculty kitchen.
Dick: Nina!
Mary: We are trying to recruit a student here.
Nina: And I've got potato skins working.


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Quote from Mrs. Dubcek

Sally: How did these bozos get to be so powerful?
Mrs. Dubcek: You know what they say: under every great man is a great woman.
Don: Don't you mean "behind every man"?
Mrs. Dubcek: Oh, you're dirty.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Well, Tommy, you could go out and play the field, but, uh, why not marry the girl next-door? Pendelton.
Tommy: You think that Pendelton's better than Princeton?
Dick: Tommy, when all's said and done, on Friday, Princeton serves fish sticks, and on Friday, Pendelton serves fish sticks.
Sally: Whoa! Look! It says here that Princeton has eight Nobel Prize winners on its faculty.
Tommy: Huh. How many does Pendelton have?
Dick: Let me tell you something about Nobel Prize winners, Tommy. They eat fish sticks, and we eat fish sticks.

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Quote from Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole

Mary: Oh, Nina, I feel so bad, Dick being trapped in that hole. It's another example of when bad things happen to good people.
Nina: It's not a great example.

Quote from Power Mad Dick

Nina: See ya.
Dick: Oh, uh, Nina now that you're going to Mary's new office and leaving me, I want to wish you luck and tell you I've never been happy with your work.
Nina: And now that I'm leaving, I want you to know... you can kiss my Black behind.