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Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary

‘Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary’

Season 5, Episode 10 -  Aired January 25, 2000

Mary is fed up of spending every date night with Dick's family so she suggests they go out on a double date. Meanwhile, Sally, Harry and Tommy discover laundromats.

Quote from Dick

Tommy: How was last night?
Dick: Oh, Mary and I had the most wonderful time with Larry and Gwen McMichael. We spent over an hour talking about movies. Then Mary and Gwen got into a huddle and talked about gardening while Larry and I talked about traffic. It turns out he hates it as much as I do.
Tommy: That sounds great.


Quote from Mary

Mary: Hey. You want to go see that new Norwegian film? I did a post-thesis dig on a fjord near where it was shot. True story.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Mary, have they called back yet?
Mary: Gwen and Larry? No. I've left several messages, though.
Dick: Oh, why haven't they returned our calls? This is madness. Mary, let's try them again.
Mary: Oh, Dick, no. I don't want to appear too desperate.
Dick: But we are!
Nina: Maybe they don't like you as much as you thought.
Dick: Maybe they're dead.

Quote from Dick

Dick: Was it something I did?
Gwen: No. No. It wasn't you at all.
Larry: We like you, Dick.
Dick: Oh, thank god. You like me. [hugs them] So there's no problem. Unless, of course, you don't like Mary. [laughs] Oh, my God. You don't like Mary.
Gwen: It's not that we don't like her, Dick. It's just that well, she's kind of... Oh, I don't know...
Larry: Tedious.
Gwen: Yeah.
Larry: Pretentious?
Gwen: And completely self-absorbed.
Dick: Mary?
Gwen: We're sorry, Dick, but her credit card says "Mary Albright, Ph.D." Now that's just yucky.

Quote from Dick

Mary: So even though I had four universities vying for me, I chose Pendelton because, I don't know, there was something... quaint about it.
Gwen: Oh, quaint.
Mary: Yeah.
Gwen: Really?
Dick: You don't mean quaint. You mean humble, don't you, Mary? She means humble. Mary loves humble things.
Mary: Oh, there was a certain je ne sais-
Dick: Breadsticks. Who wants a tasty breadstick?
Mary: I'm so glad Dick finally got in touch with you. I was beginning to think you didn't like us.
Dick: [faint chuckle] How silly. Don't be so needy, Mary.

Quote from Dick

Mary: Oh, oh. Here is an interesting little anthropological tidbit from this photographic mind of mine. Did you know that the anchovy was the staple food of the Phoenicians? [Dick signals for Mary to cut it out]
Larry: I didn't know that.
Mary: And they're so little.
Larry: Why don't we get a bottle of wine for the table.
Mary: Yes, a nice buttery chardonnay. Not too oaky.
Gwen: No, we wouldn't want it to be too oaky.
Dick: Mary, maybe you don't need anything to drink tonight.
Mary: What?!
Dick: Well, darling, you know how sleepy and long-winded wine makes you.
Gwen: No, actually, let's get a bottle of wine. [Mary chuckles] I feel like we're going to need it.
Dick: [faint chuckle] Good times.

Quote from Tommy

Tommy: Sally? Got some bad news.
Sally: Oh, my God. Tommy, what is it?
Tommy: It's about the washer and dryer at home. I'm afraid that they've been fixed.
Sally: [screams] No!
Tommy: Sally, it's okay.
Sally: But- But these people need me.
Tommy: Sally, you've got to be strong. For them.

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