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D3: Judgement Day

‘D3: Judgement Day’

Season 4, Episode 7 -  Aired November 11, 1998

Dick is desperate to get out of his relationship with Dr. Jennifer Ravelli (Laurie Metcalf), until he realizes it gives him leverage with Mary who also wants to get back together. Meanwhile, Don takes Sally bowling.

Quote from Nina

Nina: Repeat after me: go...
Mary: Go.
Nina: Get...
Mary: Get.
Nina: Him.
Mary: Him.
Nina: Again!
Mary: Go.
Nina: Get...
Mary: Get.
Nina: Him.
Mary: Him.
Nina: All together!
Both: Go get him!
Nina: Now you march in there, tell him how you feel, straight up.
Mary: Straight up!
Nina: Go get him!


Quote from Dick

Dick: Mary, what are you doing here?
Mary: I-I've come here to tell you something straight up. And here it is: what you did really hurt me.
Dick: Oh, I know. Mary-
Mary: No, no, no, it was thoughtless and pigheaded!
Dick: That's exactly what I've just written-
Mary: No, let me finish. I don't put all the blame on you. I mean, I was consumed by my job, and I didn't have enough time for us, but seeing you with someone else makes me realize what I've lost.
Dick: It does?
Mary: Now, I can't expect you to just come running back to me without me making some sacrifices.
Dick: No, of course not.

Quote from Dick

Jennifer Ravelli: You're mocking my madrigals.
Dick: Jennifer, no. I'm here to win back your heart.
Jennifer Ravelli: [skeptical] Mm-hmm.
Dick: Forgive me.
Jennifer Ravelli: Dick, are those orchids?
Dick: Yes.
Jennifer Ravelli: Call 911. Call 911.
Dick: No, no, no. It's okay. They're all paid for.
Jennifer Ravelli: [groans] Gaaagh!
Dick: Oh, my god! She's allergic! Oh, damn!

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