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Quote from Harry in Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole

Dick: How do you keep from cracking under such inhumane conditions? Teach me, Harry. Teach me to be more like you.
Harry: Well, it's powerful stuff. Once you accept it, there's no going back. You ready to proceed?
Dick: All right.
Harry: All right. Now let me bring you inside my mind. Now picture yourself on a serene mountaintop, clear blue sky, sun shining, a cool breeze blowing through the wildflowers.
Dick: I see it.
Harry: Now... take away the flowers... breeze... sky... mountaintop. Now what do you see?
Dick: Nothing.
Harry: Exactly. And that's what's in my head... all the time.
Dick: Oh, my god, Harry. It's beautiful.
Harry: Sometimes on a warm night, I put the breeze back in. No, no, no. That's for later.

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