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Quote from Dick in The Fifth Solomon

Dick: So, what do you think?
Mary: About what?
Dick: My rental car. Isn't it great?
Nina: Not really.
Dick: Not really? Nina, just watch what this baby can do. [starts car]
Nina: What?
Dick: It started right up. And listen to this. It's called FM radio. There's jazz, or rock or my personal favorite, Latin salsa. [salsa music plays]
Mary: All cars have that.
Dick: Well, not the Rambler. If I'd known what an antiquated piece of crap that car was, I would've crashed it years ago. Oh, and, uh, speaking of crap... I just noticed a little something on my windshield. Gee, I wish there was some way I could get rid of that. Wait a second, what's this? Will you look at that? Blue juice at the touch of a button. Now, tell me that's not damn cool.

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