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Quote from Dick in Dick for Tat

Strudwick: Oh, good morning, Dick.
Dick: Strudwick. [Strudwick slurps from his travel mug] Must you slurp?
Strudwick: Sorry. It's a rich, delicious cappuccino. I just made it.
Dick: So you have a cappuccino machine.
Strudwick: It's a gift from the chancellor just to acknowledge the success of my book.
Dick: Yes. Your little pamphlet on physics.
Strudwick: It's going into its third printing. Yep. It's quite a machine. It's got an auto-frother.
Dick: Oh, well, I prefer to froth manually.
Strudwick: Would you like me to make you a little Cappy, Dick?
Dick: Oh, no, thank you, Strudwick. I find that excessive caffeine tends to make one look puffy. Like a jerk.

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