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Quote from Dick in Paranoid Dick

Dick: Funny thing. I was thinking about what you and Chancellor Stevens were discussing this morning. You know about the, um, the, uh... What were you talking about again?
Judith: I'm sorry. That was a private conversation.
Dick: Yeah, of course it was. [Judith puts a document away] I- I understand. By the by, Jude - and I call you Jude because we're so close - Mary and I have had a falling out. We're over. And I'd like to get a good plot going against her. Got anything on that?
Judith: Dick, I have a class.
Dick: No, you don't.
Judith: Okay, just leave.
Dick: Tell me what's going on between you and the chancellor and I will never set foot in your office again.
Judith: Fine. You know Chancellor Stevens' annual Badger Day address?
Dick: [chuckles] Oh, that insipid yawn fest?
Judith: I write them for him.
Dick: Last year's was tremendous. You might want to trim about an hour out of it this time. Oh, hey, Jude. Gotta go. I'll see you later.

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