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Quote from Nina in D3: Judgement Day

Nina: Quality time? You actually said "quality time"?
Mary: Well, I was just trying to define-
Nina: Is that what we talked about? Is that what we talked about?!
Mary: No.
Nina: When a man hears "quality time," he thinks it means rub your feet while you watch the Lifetime channel.
Mary: [whining] Well, what am I supposed to do?
Nina: [mocking] What am I supposed to do? You have really lost it. You have lost your groove thing. Come on! Blow smoke up his ego, make him want you.
Mary: I don't know.
Nina: You are Mary Albright. You flirt shamelessly. That's what you're famous for.
Mary: I am?
Nina: Mm-hmm.
Mary: I am.
Nina: Now, you go out there and live up to your trashy reputation.

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