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Quote from Sally in My Mother the Alien

Dick: What's the matter with you? It's as if this baby has made you go all soft. He's broken down your defenses.
Sally: I know. He's my wittle bunny wabbit.
Dick: God, what kind of talk is that? You're a weapons expert.
Sally: I'm still a warrior. It's just now I'm the protector, not the aggressor.
Dick: Oh, I've heard enough. I'm going to sleep.
Sally: Well, you can't. I've tucked him in your bed.
Dick: As High Commander, I order you to untuck him at once.
Sally: Dick, I'm not taking orders from you anymore. I'm taking orders from a higher commander. His rank: baby.
Dick: But wait! Where am I going to sleep?
Sally: Use his room.

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