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Quote from Dick in Les Liasons Dickgereuses

Mary: It's pathological with her. She has more than I ever will, and now she wants what little I have. Well, she's not going to get it, not this time.
Dick: She'll get it, all right.
Mary: What do you mean?
Dick: It's brilliant, Mary. We'll turn her advances into our advantage. We'll stage a row in front of her and pretend to be on the outs.
Mary: What?
Dick: I'll seek out her comfort, woo her, win her. And then, when the time is right, I will break her heart.
Mary: [gasps] No!
Dick: Yes. We'll pay her back for all the pain she's inflicted on you. And there won't be money enough in all the world to mend her.
Mary: Oh, Dick, I'm appalled. Your plan is ridiculous. It's risky. It's- It's horrible. It's positively French. Do it!

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