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Quote from Dick in Dick Strikes Out

Dick: And it's worse for Mary. Her research means everything to her and and to nobody else. If only there was some way I could help her. Oh, but faculty is labor, and labor is powerless.
Sally: You know, that actually doesn't seem fair. I mean, labor does all the work.
Harry: Yeah. If the workers didn't show, they'd have nothin'.
Dick: Harry, what you've just said, it's given me a brilliant idea. This is crazy, but bear with me. What if the workers didn't show up for work one day?
Harry: Yes. Maybe on a Sunday.
Dick: No, not on a Sunday. On a regular workday. What if these workers said they wouldn't come back until their - let's call them "demands" - were met.
Harry: You'd have them over a barrel.
Sally: The bosses would cave.

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